Local Eats for Melbourne’s Frontline Fighters and those Disadvantaged by the Pandemic

Melbourne currently holds the unenviable world record for the most days under Lockdown. Melbourne For Life! wish to fund each of our Partner Restaurants to prepare at least 150 meals per day to start for delivery to the Melbourne frontline warriors as well as feeding those impacted by the pandemic that have endured financial ruin.

Melbourne for Life! was born from Brooklyn for Life! an initiative by Actor Jeffrey Wright.
Brooklyn for Life! raised over 1.5 million dollars and greatly assisted the Brooklyn community.
Together, with the support of The Honourable Lord Mayor Sally Capp,
Melbourne for Life! is now live and ready to support our City.

“This is a wonderful example of Melbourne’s small business owners and the community coming together to support frontline workers who have acted selflessly during the pandemic. It also helps to keep more Melbourne hospitality staff in work during the lockdown. This model has been a triumph in Brooklyn and I hope it can make a positive difference here in Melbourne too.” Lord Mayor Sally Capp

your donation will feed your community while also
keeping your favorite Melbourne grills and ovens hot

If you have been impacted by the pandemic, or you are a front-line worker and would like a benefit from Melbourne For Life! please complete the form below.