Who Are We

The past year has redefined the world. From how we live, to what we believe to be important. 

Melbourne currently holds the unenviable world record for the most days under Lockdown. As we continue our 6th Lockdown to slow the spread of the COVID – 19 (Delta Strain), many CBD restaurants and cafes are confronting the reality of slowed revenues and climbing pressures, laying off employees, and closing their doors for good.  

Facing the virus head-on are the healthcare workers and first responders, our healthcare warriors, working tirelessly to guarantee our communities a safer and healthier tomorrow. 

We wish to fund each Melbourne for Life! restaurant partner, enabling them to provide – at no cost to the recipients – at least 75-100 meals per day for delivery to the Melbourne frontline warriors. 

Phase two of our project will focus on feeding those impacted by the pandemic, individuals and families that have endured financial ruin and deteriorated health, and the like.

Restaurants are a culture in Melbourne; they are where we eat and how we stay connected. 100% of all funds raised (aside from GoFundMe’s processing fee) will purchase meals from Melbourne for Life! partner restaurants for individuals on the frontlines and those disadvantaged by the Pandemic and continued Lockdowns.

Your donation will feed your community while keeping your favorite Melbourne grills and ovens hot.

Melbourne for Life! initiative was born as a result of Saul Miller – owner of Rare Steakhouse in the Melbourne CBD, watching a documentary by Spike Lee – titled NYC Epicentres 9/11 and 2021, a detailed research and reportage on NYC responding to crises of 9/11 and Covid-19. It was here that the Brooklyn for Life! initiative was documented, and Saul immediately, upon seeing this, decided to try and do the same thing in his beloved Melbourne. So, he reached out to Brooklyn for Life!, and they readily agreed to assist in helping to establish Melbourne for Life!. 

Melbourne for Life! would like to thank Jeffrey Wright, Michael, and Camille Thompson of Brooklyn for Life! for all of their help and continued support.

This could never have happened without their support.

Together, with the support of The Honourable Lord Mayor Sally Capp and those mentioned above, Melbourne for Life! is now live and ready to support our City.